the complicated but very impressive genre of portrait photography that can diversify and enrich your portfolio multifold! Because there are so many possible audiences you may cater to by presenting a diversity of portrait photography

styles, portrait photography is a fantastic style for any photographer to learn. The more portrait photography styles you know, the greater the chances of you making a name in the competitive industry of photography. So here, we break down the various types of portrait photography.

Traditional Portraits

Traditional portraits are what most people envision when they think about portrait photography. Because traditional portraiture is so focused on the face and expressions, it typically comprises a headshot, two-thirds, or full-body image. It’s the conventional portraiture technique, and it’s supposed to depict someone exactly as they are.

Candid Portraits

Very contrary to the traditional style of portrait photography, candids entail capturing people in moments when they are unaware of being clicked. This helps capture the true, spontaneous moments of genuine emotions. It is often thought of as the purest form of photography as it helps capture life as we know it. 

Glamour Portraits

The glamour portrait photography technique is used to give the subject a seductive appearance, a romantic appeal. The emphasis on glitz and glitter necessitates substantial wardrobe and make-up planning. It celebrates sensuality and brings out a woman’s femininity.

Lifestyle Portraits

Rather than setting up in a studio, environmental portraits work with natural settings to reflect authenticity. The subjects are frequently presented in their natural habitats while going about their daily lives. Brands that wish to promote an idealistic way of life that includes their products frequently employ it in advertising imagery. It’s not so much about the individuals as it is about the way they live.

Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are centred on capturing a moment in a setting that is relevant to the person. The spectator can get a sense of the subject’s personality through this type of portrait photography. For instance, an artist in his studio or a gardener among his flowers. The settings as well as the poses combine to make the photograph impactful.

Fine Art Portraits

Fine art photography carries the essence of any craft. The approach to this type of portraiture is quite artistic. It includes surrealism, which is taking the ordinary and adding a third dimension to create a different world. It is critical for any photographer interested in this form of portrait photography to connect with their creative side.


Last but not least, the world of Instagram has introduced many photographers and models to the art of clicking self-portraits. Self-portrait photographers must pay close attention to the details of the shot. It’s vital to have a hold on what’s going on in front of the camera, as well as the equipment you’re using if you want to capture a well-composed self-portrait.

Portraits capture the essence of a person’s personality. The genre encompasses a variety of styles to document the lives of complex human beings. Understanding the many forms of portrait photography will help you create better portraits that best portray the person. Come and learn the art of portrait photography in our exclusive workshop to master clicking photographs of people that amaze you!